Sessional Lecturer

In 2010, I was given the opportunity to teach first year physics classes (Physics 115/117) during the spring and summer sessions at the University of Saskatchewan. These courses are quite intense, requiring daily lectures from 8:30 - 10:50 am followed by a one-hour tutorial at 11:00am. Due to the large workload required for these courses, Physics 115 was split with another graduate student, Paul Bazylewski. After gaining experience with two Phys 115 courses in Q1 and Q3, I taught Phys 117 on my own in Q4. Although instructing these classes was very demanding I found teaching to be one of my most rewarding experiences.

The syllabi for these courses are posted below.

Laboratory Demonstrator

I have been employed as a laboratory TA in the Department of Physics since 2006. Since then, I have had many appointments grading assignments and helping with undergraduate labs. My most recent appointments are listed below.

Private Tutoring

In addition to teaching for the Department of Physics I also do personal tutoring. Discussing physics with students is never boring, and I firmly believe that there is no subject that is too difficult. I challenge myself to find new ways of explaining topics, as each student learns in their own way.

I would suggest, it is a good thing I worked alongside of you throughout these past two semesters. I would most likely be hardened towards physics forever, had I not developed a respect for the science from watching your passion.

- Student Testimonial

If you are interested in tutoring, contact me at tutor@jasonsadowski.ca